Used 21 Feet Container Box

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26 Feb 2024
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CV. Mitra Akbar Sejahtera sells used 21' Feet Container Boxes, a reliable solution for special shipping needs with larger sizes and used conditions that have been repaired. With 70%-75% used international and local shipping conditions, this container has undergone standard repairs to ensure reliable quality for cargo use.


  • Size 21' Feet: A larger size than standard containers, suitable for special loads such as pipes or iron with a maximum length of 6 meters.
  • Used Condition 70%-75%: This container is former international and local shipping, has been refitted to ensure the required quality standards.
  • Standard Repair for Cargo: Designed specifically for cargo with a standard repair process, making it an efficient and reliable choice.
  • Development of the 20' Feet Container: The 21' Feet Container is a development of the standard 20' Feet container, modified in the construction to meet the needs of a larger load.
  • Standard and Quality Material: Made with standard and best quality material specifications, ensuring durability and strength.


This 21' Feet Used Container Box is specifically designed for special loads with a maximum length of 6 meters, providing an efficient and safe solution for shipping certain goods.

Product excellence:

  • Custom Size: At 21' Feet long, this container offers more space for custom loads that require a larger size.
  • Repaired Used Condition: Condition 70%-75% used from international and local shipping, guaranteed to have passed repair standards for reliable quality.
  • Development of the 20' Feet Container: This container is a modification of the standard 20' Feet container, providing flexibility in use.
  • Affordable Prices: Despite the high quality, the prices offered are very affordable, providing economic value to customers.
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our pride, and we are committed to providing the best service and products that meet expectations.

Used Box Container 21' Feet from CV. Mitra Akbar Sejahtera is the ideal solution for special delivery needs with larger sizes. Contact us now for more information and get a price quote that suits your needs!

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